George Cutts

British Sculptor

When I left the Royal College of Art, having studied figurative modelling and stone carving, I began wrapping stainless steel in carved stone, which I have continued throughout my career. The opposing materials with such diverse textural qualities interplay, emphasising my ideas. I play one off against the other, which I have taken through into my mobiles, the reaction creating optical illusions, playing with shapes in space. The inspiration and theme for all my sculptures is landscape, plant growth, light and water.

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Walking with Sculptors: George Cutts - Reflections




Interview with sculptor; George Cutts talking about the kinetic sculpture Reflections while it is being polished. The sculpture was commissioned by the Cass Sculpture Foundation in Goodwood, UK.

This video was produced for television as part of a documentary about the charitable work of the foundation and it's impact on artists and contemporary sculpture.


from Cass Sculpture Foundation  5 years ago