George Cutts

British Sculptor

When I left the Royal College of Art, having studied figurative modelling and stone carving, I began wrapping stainless steel in carved stone, which I have continued throughout my career. The opposing materials with such diverse textural qualities interplay, emphasising my ideas. I play one off against the other, which I have taken through into my mobiles, the reaction creating optical illusions, playing with shapes in space. The inspiration and theme for all my sculptures is landscape, plant growth, light and water.

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Storm King Art Center features in Netflix hit 'Master of None'

The prestigious Storm King Art Center, undoubtedly the most beautiful Sculpture Park in New York, has reached vast new audiences after featuring in a romantic scene on Anziz Ansari's widely known Netflix TV show 'Master of None'. Anziz Ansari's episode nine of the second season shows a glowing endorsement of Storm King. Ansari has been known for choosing particularly evocative locations, and it was Ansari's own initiative to film at Storm King Art Center for this production. Having a hit TV show on such a popular platform as Netflix inevitably does wonders for both attendance, and diversifying the audience of the sculpture park.

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Ron Bambridge visits George Cutts' Studio

Last year, internationally recognised multi-award winning photographer Ron Bambridge travelled to East Sussex to visit the studio of George Cutts. The project was part of a portrait commission from London Art Consultants Future City as a series in conjunction with client St James. The results have become a rare and telling insight in to the workings of Cutts' practice.


'I initially spent some time arranging my lighting to pick out the smoke and objects in the studio' says Bambridge, 'the effect I wanted to achieve was dark and dramatic'.


All credits to Ron Bambridge, see the full article here.