George Cutts

British Sculptor

When I left the Royal College of Art, having studied figurative modelling and stone carving, I began wrapping stainless steel in carved stone, which I have continued throughout my career. The opposing materials with such diverse textural qualities interplay, emphasising my ideas. I play one off against the other, which I have taken through into my mobiles, the reaction creating optical illusions, playing with shapes in space. The inspiration and theme for all my sculptures is landscape, plant growth, light and water.

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Storm King Art Center features in Netflix hit 'Master of None'

The prestigious Storm King Art Center, undoubtedly the most beautiful Sculpture Park in New York, has reached vast new audiences after featuring in a romantic scene on Anziz Ansari's widely known Netflix TV show 'Master of None'. Anziz Ansari's episode nine of the second season shows a glowing endorsement of Storm King. Ansari has been known for choosing particularly evocative locations, and it was Ansari's own initiative to film at Storm King Art Center for this production. Having a hit TV show on such a popular platform as Netflix inevitably does wonders for both attendance, and diversifying the audience of the sculpture park.

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Ekebergparken Introduces Elmgreen & Dragset: Dilemma  © Elmgreen & Dragset / BONO 2017 © Elmgreen & Dragset / BONO 2017

Ekebergparken in Olso, Norway, announces a new addition to the Sculpture Park's vast Art collection. Dilemma, by Berlin-based artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset, has been installed in early July this year. The site-specific sculpture Dilemma depicts a six year old boy standing at the edge of a diving board, creating an illusion that he is just about to jump. The sculpture serves as a metaphor for the uncertainty of entering adulthood, and the ensuing unpredictability in decisions, actions and expectations of growing up. Dilemma is the first sculpture by Elmgreen & Dragset to be installed in Olso, Norway. The duo have been working together since 1995 in various media, often criticising institutionalised systems and challenging the conception of public spaces.  © Elmgreen & Dragset / BONO 2017 © Elmgreen & Dragset / BONO 2017

Ekebergparken's collection of Art has been carefully selected by an Art committee, reaching a total of 37 sculptures in 2017. Dilemma, the latest sculptural installation, marks the 10th site-specific piece to enter the park. Other site specific works include Tony Oursler, Jenny Holzer, James Turrell, and George Cutts.

Ekebergparken is situated on the East side of Olso, Norway's capital city. The park is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with free public access.